Gaining Clarity Along the Journey

It was a good but challenging week, trying to get more clarity on who I am and how to best use my skills for parnassah. Four months ago I made Aliyah with my family. As an Oleh Hadasha, I’ve been getting free business consulting sessions during this transition. It’s one of the many benefits we … Continue reading Gaining Clarity Along the Journey

Aliyah Journey – Part 3

We sit here in gray plastic chairs at the airport waiting for Israel to process us and make us official. We made it through the 12-hour flight, skipping over Tuesday night and going right into Wednesday morning. I told the kids it’s like daylight savings time, but instead of losing one hour, we lost seven. … Continue reading Aliyah Journey – Part 3

Aliyah Journal – Part 2

August 24-29 | 27 Av-2 Elul, 5782 We received our official approval from the Jewish Agency, tentatively confirmed our Nefesh B'Nefesh sponsored flight, and then, finally, our precious Visas arrived. I'm typing this with a feeling of disbelief and awe, because there were so many months, details and decisions, paperwork and interviews, and then this … Continue reading Aliyah Journal – Part 2