Visiting Yad Vashem

I walked around Yad Vashem amidst the crowds and tours, somewhat detached from what I was seeing, at first. It felt tragically surreal, and I was nauseous. But I assume I was as stone-faced as those around me, trying to grasp what we were experiencing. Until I saw the wooden bunk beds, and across from … Continue reading Visiting Yad Vashem

Passing the Torch, One Step at a Time

I cried this morning after walking our son to school. It has been exciting building a new life in the Holy Land, and it’s all starting to come together. And for the first time in my four decades here on Earth—as I walked from his school back home, amidst the buzzing cars and blooming bougainvilleas—I … Continue reading Passing the Torch, One Step at a Time

Aliyah Journal – Part 2

August 24-29 | 27 Av-2 Elul, 5782 We received our official approval from the Jewish Agency, tentatively confirmed our Nefesh B'Nefesh sponsored flight, and then, finally, our precious Visas arrived. I'm typing this with a feeling of disbelief and awe, because there were so many months, details and decisions, paperwork and interviews, and then this … Continue reading Aliyah Journal – Part 2