Morasha Magazine

Morasha Magazine, previously Nishei Ora, includes personal and profound art and writing from Jewish women throughout Eretz Yisrael and the U.S.

Some are baalei teshuva — women who grew up secular and returned to Torah Judaism or. Some are gerim — Jews by choice. Some are Hassidic, Litvish, Modern Orthodox, Chabad, or new to uncovering the beauty of Judaism.

The Morasha community spans the vast spectrum of observance, creating a beautiful, one-of-a-kind publication with meaningful, thought-provoking and inspiring content.

Morasha Magazine spotlights Israel-based women and teens utilizing their G-dly gifts, inspiring others in and outside of the Holy Land.

Sections & spotlights include:

Torah Teachers

Healing & Healers


Artists & Artisans

Agricultural Experts

The 13 editions created so far are filled with stories of women and teens working to create within themselves a home for Hashem, bringing holiness into the world.

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12th edition of Nishei Ora magazine

Editorial Director and Founder Mindy Morasha Rubenstein, originally from the Tampa Bay area of Florida, lived in Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland, before fulfilling her dream of making Aliyah.

She now lives with her family in the holy hills of northern Israel.

Mindy Morasha earned a bachelor’s in business and writing from the University of Florida, a master’s in journalism from the University of South Florida, and has worked as a journalist and editor for two decades, including for, the Atlanta Jewish Times, the Tampa Bay Times, and other publications. She founded the magazine in 2015 in Atlanta while homeschooling her oldest daughter.