Seek and Find Your Hidden Gifts

I went to Tel Aviv to take my final exam for Ulpan, and my family and I did a bit of exploring there.

It’s a relatively big and modern city, much different from where we live here in the pastoral hills of the north.

Six months ago today, my family and I made Aliyah.

And sixteen years ago I discovered and began to uncover my legacy, my inheritance, as a Jewish woman.

Slowly I have been learning, with many teachers, how to live by Torah and to teach my children according to their unique abilities.

Along the way, I’ve also immersed myself in inner healing and growth work, learning to really love myself and how to more fully connect with my G-d.

It’s not easy. But there’s no other way to live.

Tonight begins the holiday of Purim, celebrating Esther’s strength in her partnership with G-d—saving our people from those who meticulously planned to wipe us out.

There are many deep, mystical messages hidden within this festive time. One of them is the idea of wearing masks and costumes, as Esther was forced to live disguised as a Persian queen, hiding her true identity as a Jewess.

G-d is never mentioned in the Megillah, the ancient text retelling this fascinating story. But He, of course, is the Source of all—hidden behind the scenes then and in our lives always.

It’s our choice, as part of free will, to see Him.

As I uncover my own unique gifts, I am discovering the real me that was hidden for so long.

I’m grateful for the struggles that got me here to a place of clarity and authenticity, as I walk with my Creator along this journey.

I feel His messages to me everywhere I go—in the words of others, in the pink cyclamens blooming boldly between the rocks, in my breath as it fills my lungs, and in the kindness of humans on the busy streets of Tel Aviv.

I choose to look, listen and feel what is always there, lovingly awaiting my attention.

May we all seek and find the gifts and goodness throughout our lives, even when deeply hidden.

Chag Sameach, Happy Purim, from the Holy Land 💜

Tehillim 22:29

For the kingship is the Lord’s, and He rules over the nations.

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