Giving Myself Approval and Acceptance

I was about to delete the vulnerable post I shared last week.

Then a message came to my inbox:

Hi Mindy,
Thank you for posting about your feelings and your conversation with Hashem. I am like wow! That’s exactly what I needed to hear and that so much resonates with my own thoughts today. Your words gave me so much strength!…

This person didn’t ‘like’ or comment on the post publicly.

So their message helped me realize that although it feels good to know when others validate my thoughts and experiences, there are times that I don’t know the impact I’m having.

I do seek approval, even on my most confident days. So I’m learning to pause more often and offer myself acceptantance, and not rely on external messages like the one above.

I’m also learning that praying and asking for guidance is the most courageous thing I can do at times.

One of my favorite sayings is that ‘G-d works through us, as us.’

What a privilege to get to be someone’s answered prayers.

It’s a reminder that anyone and any situation has the potential to be elevated at any moment.

My human struggles can serve as a springboard for growth and maybe even give strength to others — if I pause long enough to feel my feelings, let G-d in, and to share with others even when it’s uncomfortable.

#gratitude #womenshealth

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